Here is a sample of the dishes you can expect during your next visit to Miss Korea Kitchen.

Please note that we thrive on using the freshest seasonal ingredients to create our authentic Korean dishes. As such, our menu is always subject to change.

Entree Menu

  • From Caesar to Scallion, our variety of salads from near and afar will make sure you also get your healthy dose of vegetables during your next visit to MKK.    

  • A signature of Korean cuisine is the variety of side dishes that accompanies main meals. This includes Kimchi, Spinach, Mushroom. Seaweed lather, Bean SproutsĀ  etc. and an assortment of different seasonal vegetables.

  • Ssam, meaning 'wrapped' in Korean is a dish where you wrap a piece of meat (usually beef or pork) with other fillings on a piece of leafy vegetable.

  • An assortment of original and spicy-marinated Korean Fried Chicken (KFC). Twice fried to ensure a crunchier crunch and less grease - it's seasoned with Miss Korea's special spices. Check out why it is our #1 entree menu today!

  • Korean dumplings (known as Mandoo) are traditionally made out a mixture of either beef or pork coupled with vegetables. They are served either steamed; pan fried or deep fried and even added to soup known as mandoo-guk.Korean dumplings (known as Mandoo) are traditionally made out…

Mains Menu

  • A Korean classic, bulgogi (literally translated into fire meat!) is thinly shaved rib-eye beef marinated in a sweet and savoury sauce consisting of soy sauce; sugar; onion; garlic; sesame oil and roasted sesame seeds.

  • Bibim (to mix) - bap (rice) literally involves mixing your choice of vegetables, meat and sauces with rice in a large bowl. Miss Korea Kitchen has its own DIY bibimbab corner for you to experiment on your favourite bibimbap recipe!

  • Japchae is a sweet potato noodle (aka glass noodle) dish stir fried with thinly sliced beef and an assortment of vegetables. First served as a part of the King's banquet during the Choseon dynasty, it has now become a favourite dish among all Koreans.

  • Spicy stir-fried rice cakes (Ttteokbokki) are a Korean hawker food favourite sold on pretty much any corner of Korea. Made with Korea rice cakes, fish cakes and loads of gochujang (chili paste) - don't let its simplicity fool you!

  • Sauteed kimchi served with boiled/pan-fried tofu.

Desserts Menu

  • Assortment of frozen yoghurt, paddle-pop and stick ice creams.

  • A variety of different seasonal fruits fresh from the market.

  • Thick, Belgian style waffles prepared and baked on premises

Seasonal Menu

  • Our pizzas are cooked straight in our state-of-the-art open fire pizza machine and served straight to the dining hall.

  • Freshly prepared sushi and kimbap by our highly talented chefs straight from the kitchen to your plate.

  • An assortment of seasonal, fresh seafood ranging from to grilled shrimps to mussels to calamari.