Korean Fried Chicken

Best Summer Korean Food in Korea

Korean Fried Chicken (KFC), also known affectionately as chikin has taken the world by storm and has outpaced every other variety in recent memory.

KFC is like none other variety on the face of the earth, firstly it is thoughtfully prepped into bite-sized drumettes and wings to serve as the perfect finger food. Secondly, it features that lovely double fried crust that gives a sublime texture, leaving you with the most succulent piece of chicken. Thirdly, it goes great with beer!

Historically, chicken was never popular in Korea and many older Koreans recall the post-war days when chicken was out of reach to the masses. American troops wholly deserves credit for introducing rotisserie chicken into the diets of Koreans. But as the Korean economy started chugging along in the 1970s, during an era of massive progress and relative prosperity, KFC usurped the reigning rotisserie for Korea’s top chicken dish.

KFC, due to fierce competition, and has been experimented with novel seasonings and accoutrements. While the original (Huraideu-chikin) is still Korea’s soul food, many foodies share the belief that Yangnyeom-chikin is crème de la crème of the world of fried chicken. This recipe features wings doused in a blend of sweet and spicy seasonings that the Koreans can’t help but mix together and finished with a sprinkle of sesame. The contrast between the fiery gochujang (chilli paste) and sweetness in the sauce is very addictive.

As one of the most mature drinking and nightlife cultures, its only natural that the food scene in Korea is tightly intertwined with the drinking culture. The anju (collective term for finger food) used to furnish the drinks feature various savoury dishes including fried chicken that pair impressively with a pint of your favourite Korean lager.

Grab all your mates and some beer to indulge in this delight, after all, nothing beats socialising with the gang over some beer and chicken after a long day’s work.


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