Wander round the bustling streets of any Korean city in the winter time. You are bound to catch a crowd in the corner of your eye. Nestled between the congregation is an ajumma (an endearing term for a married aged woman) fastidiously stirring and serving dishes in a pojangmacha (street stall) with a smile as bright as a thousand suns.

The fragrance of hot peppers and the warmth and chatter of the people who huddle round reel you in and not long after, the temptation to join them kicks in. Aussie blokes love to catch up with their mates with a parma and beer at the local drinking hole. This ritual is universal, the Koreans have their soju and tteokbokki.

Tteokbokki (떡볶이) are stir-fried cakes, loaded with gochujang (hot fermented chilli) sauce. Albeit being a popular hawker dish, tteokbokki goes splendidly as a side dish with nearly anything Korean. The heat is fun yet not overwhelming. The subtle sweetness and pleasant chewy texture makes you come back for more.

Hard to believe that the variant served today was the outcome of a happy accident. When Ma Bok Lim opened a Chinese restaurant, she mistakenly dropped some tteokbokki into her gochujang sauce. Lo and behold, the hot, fiery tteokbokki was born.

At Miss Korea Kitchen 288, we wish to recreate that same love and care that those ajummas in Seoul bring to their community. Head down to Nunawading and rid yourself of winter blues with a serving of our tteokbokki along with other tasty Korean dishes.