# Galbi and Gui in Korea,

Gui are a plethora of Korean grilled (usually meat) dishes. Galbi is simply a type of gui (usually with beef or pork).

The story of Galbi is both relatively young and old, one wouldn’t have seen poor Joseon-era farmers consuming beef as cows were one of the few sources of sustenance. The nomadic Maek tribes of central Asia arrived into what is now known as Korea, they introduced the art of marinating meats in a dish called Maekjeok (a skewered, marinated grilled meat dish). Maekjeok transmuted throughout the ages into the modern day bulgogi and galbi despite it originating from the same dish.

With the abundance of meat and increased immigration, Korean migrants furnished the Calfornian food scene with ‘LA-galbi’, a dish that has been surprisingly popular back in Korea. Nevertheless, we ought to be grateful to those nomadic tribes for expertly combining elements of marination, grill, and meat into a dish that most Koreans enjoy as a part of their heritage and love to share with others.

Galbi has been one of those few dishes that extend the Korean culinary experience beyond its shores, giving those who are unfamiliar with the cuisine an accessible yet representative taste of Korea. . The Galbi served in Miss Korea Kitchen 288 is succulent, tender and irresistibly delicious. Our chefs’ pride on utilising fresh tender meat sliced thin, then marinating them with our signature savoury sauce letting the flavours get to know each other and grilling them to perfection. Korean BBQ dishes use bombastic flavour profiles and vibrant seasonings with an exceptional texture. Relish it with crisp lettuce in a ssam or as is at our Korean restaurant.